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Recreational Vehicles of all years

This is the most comprehensive type of vehicle inspection, and we strongly advise this be performed before purchasing a used RV of any size or type. Once you have it inspected by a Lemon Squad professional, you’ll be able to buy with confidence.

The inspection covers structural integrity, plus visual check of the engine, chassis, body, doors, windows and roof. The interior inspection includes items related to the driver's comfort and controls, plus the cabinetry, upholstery, floors, furnishings and miscellaneous components. We also test the generator, other electrical systems and any appliances.

If possible, assuming the RV is street legal and safe weather conditions exist, the engine and drive train performance is evaluated with at least a 5 mile road test.

The completed report will include 30 or more photos to supplement the documentation in those areas considered by the inspector to be of special interest.

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