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We service every major metropolitan area in the state of North Carolina, including Asheville, Wilmington, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro and every village and hamlet in between.


For decades, handyman Vollis Simpson has been making giant “whirligigs” — home-built junk-art contraptions designed to spin in the wind — and mounting them on poles in a field next to his home in Lucama, North Carolina. You can drive to see his sculptures in the nearby town of Wilson, but not if your new used car turns out to be unreliable. Make sure you have a certified used car inspector give your potential purchase a thorough inspection of every detail of the car. Just like a whirligig, a lemon car can sometimes look very pretty and spin around in circles, but have no real function. Don’t get caught with your whirligig blowing in the breeze, call the Lemon Squad BEFORE you buy.












The Lemon Squad has one purpose: to prevent you from spending your hard-earned money on a lemon. Don’t get ripped off!

Every used car inspection we do – whether a current or classic model - includes a thorough, bumper-to-bumper sight inspection, with a detailed report that includes 20 to 50 photos. Each of our used car inspections goes well beyond the 155-point standard inspection, giving you a comprehensive evaluation of every component of the vehicle, both physical and mechanical.

The Lemon Squad is trained to look for bumps, dents and dings, check the paint condition, and look for evidence of body filler and any sign of a previous collision. We are on high alert for rust, corrosion, fluid leaks and any other obvious signs of sub-standard repairs.

No used car inspection can be truly complete without a test drive of the vehicle. Our inspection includes a four-to-five mile test drive, during which we can evaluate all aspects of the vehicle’s engine condition: transmission, brakes, drive train and suspension, as well as steering performance and vehicular noises. We evaluate the ride quality, drive line and wheel/tire vibration, wind noises and do a visual inspection for collision, flood or corrosion, functionality of cruise control, air conditioning, heater and all electrical accessories. Air conditioning is not checked with diagnostic equipment or for amount of refrigerant in system - only for visual inspection of compressor operation and visual leaks noted.

Call the Lemon Squad Today - your most trusted used car inspection service in the nation.


 $119.95 - Basic Inspection

 $149.95 - Premium Inspection

 $299.95 - Classic Car Inspection


Thanks! I talked to the dealer and they offered a letter of guarantee regarding the coolant. Not sure what I am going to do. Regardless, you have an excellent service and you are great in the communication department. I will spread the word.

Walt G.


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